DG Genset Monitoring

Monitors Significant Insights into Fuel Consumption and Savings

Diesel Generator Set Monitoring

TEKNOVATE designed and developed a potential IoT-based smart DG Set (Diesel Generator Set) Monitoring Device to obtain various operating parameters online. They include:

  • DG Set On /Off status, utilization history
  • Run time this day and till date, history
  • Fuel consumption this day and till date
  • Fuel consumption per run hour
  • Present Fuel Level
  • Remaining fuel available for no of hours of
  • DG Genset operation
  • Current, Voltage, Kwh
  • Comparative performance reports
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Key Benefits:

  • Remote Management
  • Detects potential mechanical issues
  • High productivity
  • Real-time monitoring data for DG
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Ensure the best usage of DG capacity
  • Easy and cost-effective installation

Product Info:

Do you have a need for monitoring diesel generators installed at all of your work locations?
If "yes", then deploy TEKNOVATE IoT-based Smart Diesel Generator Monitoring device. Our Smart product is the best solution you have been looking for. Through monitoring various parameters of diesel generators, we ensure your business continuity. Our device monitors significant KPIs remotely to assist manage your businesses efficiency and improves overall productivity even a sudden power outage occurs. the user can automatically schedule ON and OFF times and thus can control remotely from anywhere at any time.

We install sensors on your diesel generators to collect vital data and send it to our IoT platform using a gateway. Captured data is then analyzed. If any fault is detected, the system sends an email/SMS notification to the user and also turn on alarm station

For further information about the DG Genset, Download the Datasheet

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