Hardware – Sensor, PCB board, Manual

Hardware - Sensor, PCB Board

Teknovate metes out customer needs with customized device services. Teknovate is specialized in developing POC as per customer requirement that on successful approval can result in building the device for the Customer. Teknovate is expertise & well experienced in developing & delivering device hardware & software to the customers at ease.

  • IoT is a system of machines/objects outfitted with data-collecting technologies
  • cloud connected embedded systems connect directly/indirectly to Internet by cloud-computing resources.
  • Passives & Connectors altering towards new innovative IoT project demands.
  • Cost effective towards easy availability of IoT Hardware.
  • Wide connectivity Range & Frequency with low power & data consumption.
  • Build solutions with discrete components to design varied modules.
  • On-board application development platforms and storage drive intelligence & decision making closer to the device.
  • Manage the ability to provision, update and control access of devices to the system.