Pool Anushravan

Supports Efficient Utilization of Power Transformer and Prevents Outages

Pool Anushravan

Internet-of-Things (IoT) is an evolving automation platform introduced to connect every object and devices to the Internet. We designed and developed a Smart Pool Monitoring Device. The attached sensors to this device will capture information regarding the level harmful chemical quantity, pH and temperature in the swimming pool. As the information stored on the cloud, the user can retrieve monitored parameters from anywhere.

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Key Benefits:

  • Increasingly affordable
  • Our devices made swimming pools cost effective to maintain
  • Pool automation benefits in terms of monitoring every vital feature of pool system
  • Chemical balancing is ensured
  • Easily integrates with the smart residential
  • Notifies the status of your swimming pool 24*7

Product Info:

IoT enabled automated pool systems have become affordable with increasing demand. Our Smart Pool Monitoring System enables you to know about the status of your swimming pool. The chemicals quantity in the pool should be maintained at an optimum level to avoid skin irritations. This system notifies the chemical levels in the swimming pool and sends information to the respective mobile phone. This device suggests the required action to be taken according to the chemical levels of the pool.
This Device works with both GSM and Lora WAN Network (which gives ultra-low power consumption and provides long-range coverage). The data can be visualized and analyzed in the secured web application dashboard and mobile app. As the sensor data stored in on the cloud, the owners can manage their pools anywhere using an android.

For further information about the Pool Anushravan, Download the Datasheet

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