Smart Pond

Supports Efficient Utilization of Power Transformer and Prevents Outages

smart pond

We developed an IoT-enabled fish pond monitoring device for assisting fish pond operators. We provide a valuable solution to overcome various challenges faced by the fish pond operators. Our smart pond device continuously monitors water quality, the level of dissolved oxygen, temperature and pH and thus creates a healthy environment in the pond for the growth of fish and improves yields.

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Key Benefits:

  • Automates the management of fish farms
  • Ensures continuous remote monitoring of the fish ponds
  • The user can retrieve collected sensor information from anywhere worldwide as the data will be stored on the cloud
  • Low installation costs
  • High-productivity through balancing parameters like pH, Temperature and water quality etc.

Product Info:

We designed and developed Smart Pond Systems primarily for balancing the ecosystem in the pond. Our device by not negatively affecting the natural habitats in the pond edges, it monitors water quality, drainage patterns, or fish passage. This system monitors Dissolved Oxygen (DO) quantity, pH and temperature levels in the pond. This device helps in automatically turns the aerators ON at required timings only and thus reduces the power bills.
This Device can operate with both GSM and LoRaWAN Network (which gives ultra-low power consumption and provides long-range coverage). The information collected by the sensor device can be visualized and analyzed in the web application dashboard and mobile app. This system enables the management of multiple fish ponds from a single mobile device. Hence, by installing our smart pond device, the operators not only earn profits in terms of production but also reduces capital expenses required to manage the ponds.

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