Transformer Monitoring

Supports Efficient Utilization of Power Transformer and Prevents Outages

Transformer Monitoring

The primary aim of our Smart Online Transformer Monitoring System (OLTMS) is to collect valuable information from the power transformers through sensors. It monitors:

  • OTI (Oil Temperature Indicator)
  • WTI (Winding Temperature Indicator)
  • Ambient temperature and etc...
  • Oil level
  • Voltage and Current
  • Surge Relay Trip
  • Bocholt Relay alarm &Trip, MOG (Magnetic Oil Gauge alarm), PRV (Pressure Relief Value) and etc.
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Key Benefits:

  • Detects overvoltage�s
  • Detects moisture in oil
  • Determines total switched current
  • Reduces* operating expenses
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Monitored data will be stored on the web
  • Direct the position of transformer insulating oil level
  • The system sends alerts if it found any abnormalities in the monitored parameter

Product Info:

Primary aim of the Power Transformer Monitoring Systems is to collect valuable information from the power transformer through deploying sensors. Monitoring the transformer condition online can prevent outages which is costly to repair which results in a loss of service and devices. This advanced sensor based smart device supports efficient utilization of power transformer and is also extend the life span of the respective power transformer.

By deploying this IoT application with low maintenance and operational overheads is to evolve in the energy sector in the near-term future. Our advanced power transformer monitoring device monitors significant parameters including OTI (Oil Temperature Indicator), WTI (Winding Temperature Indicator), Ambient temperature, Oil level, Voltage and Current, Bocholt Relay alarm &Trip, MOG (Magnetic Oil Gauge alarm), and PRV (Pressure Relief Value) and etc

For further information about the OLTMS, Download the Datasheet

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