Water Quality

The Nature of Water (acidic or alkaline) is Analyzed

Water Quality

The common method of water quality testing is to collect samples manually and then send them to the laboratory for analysis. However, it has been unable to meet the demands of water quality monitoring today. Thus, a set of automatic quality measurement and reporting system of water quality has been developed by TEKNOVATE. The system is featured with pH sensor, Turbidity sensor and Conductivity sensors of water quality testing.

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Key Benefits:

  • Verifies water quality in lakes and rivers for saving human life
  • Automatically monitors the water quality without manual efforts
  • Alarm notifications are plus if any irregular levels of quality parameters found in the water
  • Reduces severe infections caused by impurified water
  • Embedded with the ultra-low-power sensor node

Product Info:

Our water quality monitoring device works with both GSM and Lora WAN Network. Ultra-low power consumption and long-range coverage are ensured by installing our smart device. If the water quality is unusual or the level of harmful chemicals is more, by installing our device, the data will be automatically monitored and will be sent to the registered mobile number. Thus, the management can take corresponding measures timely and can detect the real-time condition of water quality remotely.
The system has a high demand in the market driven by its automation in monitoring water quality, intelligence in analyzing data and communication with IoT gateways for information storage and transfer. The system can be extended and transplanted to other fields where automatic monitoring of water quality is needed.

For further information about the water quality, Download the Datasheet

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