Smart Water tank

An Advanced and Wireless Tank Level Monitoring System

Smart Water Tank

We developed a Smart Water Overhead Tank Level Monitoring Device. Nowadays, it is needed to proper maintenance of water overhead tanks in apartments, industries, and flats. From the ground, water is pumped to overhead tanks according to water level required in the tank.
Our device is primarily targeted on reducing the manual efforts in checking the overhead tank level. Using Ultrasonic level sensors, it is engaged in monitoring the level of water in the tank up to 7.6 meters range. Hence the level of water will be captured and the data will be sent to the cloud platform. The user can monitor remotely and retrieve the data from the webpage. It gives notification and alarms via SMS and E-mail.

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Key Benefits:

  • Easy to install
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Compact elegant design
  • Ensures no overflows or dry running of pumps, thus saves electricity and water
  • Reduces man power
  • Consumes low energy though operating continuously
  • Accurate and clear indication of water level is provided

Product Info:

Because of the advantages of the directional ultrasonic transmitter, direction, strength and easy to control, and no touch with the object being measured etc., our smart water tank level monitoring is widely used in the liquid level measurement. The Ultrasonic sensors measure the water level in the tanks and the data is transferred to the IoT devices in specific time intervals. Then, the level of water is measured in the tanks and data will be stored on the cloud platform.
The use of ultrasonic level measurement principle can be widely used in meteorological water level measurements, large tank level measurement, level measurement system of salt, testing well water, lakes, canals level, the tank liquid level, fill water level in industrial production etc. It can be designed at different ultrasonic level meters according to different needs.

For further information about the Water Tank, Download the Datasheet

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