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Water, One of the elements of pancha bhotas and the ultimate source of living. Nothing can replace the gigantic natural resource and it’s high time to conserve it. There are many ways by which the water is polluted. Thanks to the present technology trends, smart ways are unveiled to treat the water pollution.

Water pollution can be simply termed as contaminating the source of water like rivers, lakes and streams by turning out the drinking water more vulnerable to consume. Water pollution is triggered by two different causes i.e., Organic pollution which is caused due to micro-organisms, animal or any other water. The other one is Chemical pollution caused due to the industrial water emitted and passed into water bodies.

Effects of Consuming Polluted Water
  • Serious illness and exposure to life threatening diseases
  • Attacks the Immune system of Human Body
  • Triggers the Cancer, Reproductive problems and Developmental problems
  • Even animals and Birds are not an exemption to be affected by polluted water

Need for Water Monitoring
Water pollution is not just confined to a particular location and is a global threat. It is also very sad to know that consuming polluted water is one of the reasons for various diseases that the world is facing today. Therefore, there is a dire need to monitor the quality and quantity of water that we consume or use. Thanks to Technology advancement, as it is helping us to monitor the quality of consuming water. IoT is a boon in this aspect, which is marking its traces in smart water monitoring mechanism and makes the job simple when implemented well..

How IoT is used helps in Water Monitoring:
Water monitoring is a time taking mechanism with huge investments. IoT helps in real time monitoring by bringing down the complexity along with the time and cost investments.
IoT is a wide network of objects with different built-in wireless telecommunication devices that uses existing internet framework linked with any infra framework to monitor the connected devices.

  • Time and Money optimization
  • Smart Technology
  • Easy user interface
  • Simple working model
  • Accurate Results
  • Can be implemented by anyone with minimal internet knowledge
KernelSpehere Water Monitoring Device:

Kernel brings out the excellence from the existing IoT devices with our touch of efficiency. Our water monitoring devices works on both GSM and Lora WAN Network.

Our device masters in identifying the harmful water levels which carrier dangerous results when consumed. We make sure that our devices stands best in Ultra-low power consumption and long-range coverage. The monitor data is managed automatically and regularly sent to the customer’s registered mobile number. This helps the concerned authorities to take the necessary preventive measures and promotes to increase the quality of drinking water.

We have designed our water monitoring system in such a way that it can be carried to different places based on the requirement and has a high demand in market due to its excellent intelligence record of accomplishment.

How our Device Works:
  • Teknovate Smart Water Quality Device supports both GSM and Low Power long-range wireless radio frequency technology (LoRaWAN).
  • Highly secured data transmission technology enables real-time communication of data and analytics to enhance efficiency and productivity.
  • The device is designed with rugged and high accuracy free chlorine, temperature and PH sensors. These sensors measures / monitors free chlorine, temperature and pH values in the water.
  • Our device communicates with either GSM network or LoRa Gateway using the standard LoRaWAN protocol and the measured / monitored data is transmitted to the network server.
  • Then the web application analysis this data and takes an appropriate action like sending SMS, E-Mail and other alerts to the registered users.
Device Features:
  • Real time monitoring of water parameters
  • Rugged Sensors with High accuracy.
  • Historical analysis & Data management.
  • Map of sensors
  • SMS & Email Alert is configured to the registered mobile number.
  • Responsive user interface
  • User control profiles
  • Live data monitor on web.
Benefits of Kernel Water Monitoring Device:
  • Verifies the quality of water in various water bodies like lakes, rivers and water streams.
  • Less manual intervention.
  • Alarm based notifications
  • Reduces severe infections caused by impure water
  • Embedded with the ultra-low-power sensor node
  • Drinking water safety
  • Swimming pool disinfection control
  • Ballast water treatment and post treatment
  • Cooling tower disinfection

Teknovate is a rapidly growing organization in manufacturing and marketing the IoT devices, which address various issues in different domains. Bagging around 10+ years of industry experience, we always strive to bring out the excellence with our efficiency. We have already marked our presence in various states of India and stood out among the best of bests.

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